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Freedom Natural Deoderant Mini Sticks (multiple scents)



A dynamic lifestyle or a busy travel schedule is not an excuse for not taking care of yourself, in a natural way. Meet our Protection on the Go! Travel Mini Deodorant, featuring all the benefits of our Freedom Natural Deodorant, packed into a tiny, but portable package.

  • Less plastic, less waste - Freedom uses 50% less plastic compared to its competitors. You'll have a piece of mind when it comes to your deodorant on your 8-day vacation.
  • TSA approved package - This product is your companion. You might want to pack one in your gym bag or in the bathroom of your weekend retreat place. 
  • Moisturizing and absorbing - Perfect in every aspect, this leaves your delicate skin protected from odor, while leaving it soft to the touch with nourishing ingredients (coconut oil, shea butter).
  • Aluminum-free protection - With this little piece, you no longer have to opt for aluminum filled artificial deodorant. This Travel Mini brings the best ingredients with you wherever you go while keeping odor creating bacteria away.

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