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Almost Famous

Almost Famous - Wave Away Triple Barrel Curler with Tourmaline Ceramic Barre


Bombshell beach waves are just seconds away. “Wave Away” is a triple barrel curler designed for those days when you don’t have any time to waste and are in need of effortless styling. The 1.25-inch barrels heat up to max temp in just a couple of minutes, and they’re wide enough to give your hair an instant voluminous wave - not a crimped look! The sparkling barrels are not just designed to look pretty. Rare Japanese tourmaline distributes heat evenly and gently, to seal the cuticle and give you shiny, healthy waves. The “Wave Away” doesn’t play guessing games with your hair, so this handy tool is fitted with an LED display so you’ll know exactly how hot you are! So, what are you waiting for? Let your inner beach babe out!

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