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Simply Golden Boutique

Coffee & Charcoal Facial Scrub


• Caffeine stimulates skin cell regeneration

• Charcoal draws out toxins from the pores

• Bentonite draws out toxins and doubles the scrub as a mask

• Guava and Mango Fruit Extract are rich in vitamins A, B, and C that slow the aging process, reduce the appearance of fine lines and maintain skin elasticity.

• Apricot is a non-comedogenic oil that moisturizes as the mask rejuvenates and great for all skin types.

• Pomegranate oil is a powerful antioxidant and is super moisturizing leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth

Directions: Instructions: Mix 1-3 tsp of powder with water in your palm. Rub hands together briefly to mix. Scrub face and neck. Allow 10-15 minutes to dry and rinse clean. 

Pro-tip: Exfoliating at least once per week can visibily brighten the appearance of skin, improve moisture retention, and smooth texture by removing dead and uneven skin cells from the surface!

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