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Loofah Soaps (multiple scents)



We’ve made it easy by combining everyone’s favorite natural scrubber, the loofa, with our colorful, super-moisturizing glycerin soap. In addition to whisking away dirt, this dynamic duo buffs skin smooth, leaving you feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Made with sustainable organic palm oil.

mighty good man- What’s better than a great-smelling man? How about a Mighty Good Man with super-smooth, touchable skin? It’s all oh so conveniently within reach as our bestselling natural bar makes its debut in scrubber form. This Mighty Good Man Exfoliating Loofa Bar is an enticingly warm, earthy sandalwood treat, spiced with amber and woodsy accents of fresh green herbs. This skin-softening soap is a time-saving dream come true for men and women alike. Treat your skin well with a bar that exfoliates, cleans, and keeps you moisturized, all at once.


spa fresh-Skip the spa, keep the luxury. Who says you can’t find luxury in small packages? Our unisex glycerin and loofa soap provides non-stop moisture wrapped in cool and sporty marine notes. Natural exfoliation softens and conditions dry skin, revving up circulation for a fresh-from-the-gym glow.


tropical paradise-Be whisked away on a tropical vacation, or prep your skin for one, with a flick of this exotic skin-smoother. Juicy mango and papaya notes prompt dreams of warm-weathered luxuries as this super-moisturizing bar exfoliates while it cleans.


wild rose-  rue floral fans will revel in this pretty-in-pink, delicately romantic rose-scented scrubber. Paired with our super-gentle glycerin soap, this feminine 2-in-one will get that skin clean and smooth that skin in no time! Refresh your skin and keep it beautiful, while smelling like a spring dream, with this super exfoliating bar.



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