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Popilicious Popcorn

Popilicious Popcorn - Candy Corn Gourmet Popcorn Pop


(ATTN: Shelf Life - 14 days) The candy corn gourmet popcorn pop is fresh popcorn tossed in a marshmallow filling and topped with orange and yellow m&ms, candy corn, and themed sprinkles. The yummy concoction is drizzled with decadent white or dark chocolate and served on a stick. It’s individually wrapped with a silk bow to match to create a whimsical delicious treat. •Popilicious Popcorn treats are good for (10) days from the time of receipt. •Treats can also be frozen for up to (3) months and are good for (10) days from the time they are taken out. •To ensure the delivery of the freshest products, Popilicious typically ships out on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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