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Posh Brats

Posh Brats - Shark Week PMS Pain Aromatherapy Shower Bath Steamer VEGAN


Shark Week is no joke for those ladies out there who have not yet entered menopause, it can be pure misery! This Aromatherapy blend is reputed to soothe the special kind of monthly moon misery associated with menses. This contains essential oils of marjoram, eucalyptus,lavender,ginger, and clary sage. This wonderful aromatherapy shower and bath steamer can be used as either a shower steamer or use in a tub like a bath's your choice! Each steamer is individually wrapped (colour of foil may vary) 100gm each. Sometimes taking a long soak with essential oils and bath salts is not an option. Many people have only wet rooms or showers now and many more still have medical conditions or difficulties getting in and out of a traditional bath. These are for everyone, just set it on the floor of your shower/bath out of the water stream and allow the steam to activate it.

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