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Posh Brats

Posh Brats - Snow Quartz Manifestation Powerful Crystal Bath Bomb VEGAN


Wild violet's floral and earthy qualities come together with vibrant crushed greens and delicate muguet to create a light, yet intriguing bouquet. Clear/Snow Quartz is a powerful but gentle Earth element. It has a strong connection to the Divine Feminine and communicates with us at a soul level, bringing clarity and peace to the mind. Clear/Snow Quartz is a stone of inner growth and strength, balancing yin energy with yang energy. The power of a crystal that has been programmable for thousands of years. So just tell your Snow Quartz what your intention is and it will amplify it, working on your behalf. Perfectly blended with luxurious oils of sweet almond, coconut, argan, vitamin E, and sea buckthorn to enrich your bath water with skin-pampering and soothing moisture and vitamins. These are ideal for all of those who wish their bathing experience to be something akin to a spa treatment. These have the added bonus of natural gemstone crystals (crystal size varies from 10-20mm each).

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