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PREORDER: Metallic Studded Pepper Spray in Assorted Colors


Metallic Silver Studded
Metallic Pink Studded
Metallic Rose Studded
Metallic Black Studded
Preorder open until: March 7, 2023
Estimated ship date to customers: late March
Please be sure you are over the age of 18 if you are purchasing or carrying these items. Even though pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, some states do restrict the shipping of pepper spray. Because of this, we will not be able to fulfill orders to New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii or Washington D.C.

  • Our pepper spray is the max legal-strength formula and is made in the USA
  • Contains UV marking dye to identify attacker
  • Direct stream spray of up to 12 feet with 12-15 short bursts per canister
  • Safety lock prevents accidental misfires
  • Easily accessible and looks super-cute when clipped on backpacks, purses, and keys!
  • It’s legal to carry pepper spray in all 50 states (age requirements can differ so check your state and local laws), but pepper spray is no joke! For self-defense ONLY. The use of pepper spray for any other purpose other than self-defense is a crime under the law.

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