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Satin Heatless Hair Curler


Our Heatless Hair Curler is made with smooth silky satin fabric keeps hair soft, untangled & frizz-Free. Wear it to sleep for natural morning curls. Designed for long hair style. Easy to use & remove. Heatless, no damage to hair. Keep hair from creasing. Premium quality rubber rod. Each set comes with one heatless hair curling rod, 2 satin scrunchies and 1 hair claw clip. *Search Tik Tok Heatless Curler online for a detailed video tutorial on how to use the heatless curler. Instruction: 1. Section hair down the middle of the head into two parts 2. Place the heatless hair curler onto the center of the head and secure it with the hair claw clip 3. Wrap hair around the hair curler starting at the top and continue until all hair is wrapped. 4. Repeat step 3 on the other hair part and secure ends with the scrunchie. 5. Sleep with heatless hair curler on for three to six hours for naturally curled hair.

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