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The Candle Daddy - You'll Always Be My Best Friend - Cedar Rose Scented Melt


You'll Always Be My Best Friend - Cedar Rose Scented Melt- Maximum Scent Wax Cubes/Melts- 1 Pack -2 Ounces- 6 Cubes * YOUR SECRETS ARE SAFE WITH THE CANDLE DADDY! Perfect give for that best friend that has been through everything with you...don't want those secrets getting out! * A GREAT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION - New Home, Encouragement, Thank You, Appreciation, Miss You, Thinking of You, Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, and Valentine's Day all make great occasions to gift a great melt! * GREAT FOR STRESS RELIEF - Use our strongly scented wax melts in any wax burner melter that you have already for your personal aromatherapy. * ENJOY THE SWEET SMELL of Cedar Rose throughout your house without the need of lighting a candle. * AMAZING AROMA to Match Your Home Decor - Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Home Office, Anywhere your Wax Warmer Plugs In!!!

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