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Whiskee Straw

Whiskee Straw - Whiskee Straw Set: 16oz Straw, 24oz Straw


Whiskee straw set: 16oz straw, 24oz straw, 2 removable White silicone tips & cleaning brush. The whiskee straw is a dual purpose WHISK on a straw! The Whiskee Straws patent-pending functionality and design allows the user to not only mix the contents within your cup but keep it mixed while you sip. The whiskee straw is user friendly and great for all ages! Great for protein shakes, energy packets, tea mixes, mixed drinks, chocolate milk, iced coffee and so much more!! Just whisk, mix & sip! CONTENTS: One 16oz straw (8mm width X 215 mm tall) One 24oz straw (8mm width x 240 mm tall) One cleaning brush. Two silicone tips (white). Wash before use! The whiskee straw is dishwasher safe. We are doing our part to reduce waste by creating a product that is eco-friendly and sustainably made of reusable stainless steel.

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